Ultracycling Italia international Challenge



What is ultracycling italian challenge?

It’s the best challenge in Italy for passionate and brave cyclists that involve three ultracycling Races , listed below:

Race across Italy – April 29, 2017

D+ Ultracycling 3Confini (long race) – July 14, 2017

D+ Ultracycling Dolomitica – August 25, 2017



How can I registrate in ultracycling italian challenge?

The registration is free and It’s enough to complete one of the three Races to be inserted in Ultracycling italian challenge ranking


Which are the categories?

Ultracycling Italian Challenge is open to the following categories:

Solo Man Under 50;

Solo Man Over 50;

Solo Woman;

Solo SelfSupported;

Team 2 (*);

Team 4 (*).


How do you calculate the score for the final ranking?

You can check in the Rules how we calculate the ranking . Considering that for the final ranking we’ll take only the best two races for each rider/team.

Therefore if a rider/team will ride in all the three races we don’t consider the worst result in term of points; so a rider/team is not obliged to partecipate to all the three races


When do you plan the awards ceremony?

The awards ceremony will be take place at the end of the last race in the calendar:

D+ Ultracycling Dolomitica – 27 Agosto 2017

Read here the rules